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Your donations support adoption grants for hard to place orphans!

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Dedicate a donation. Let us know whose name and for what occasion you are making your donation. We'll send a card (birthday, Christmas, or other of your choice) telling your friend or relative about your generous donation in their name.
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Payroll Giving

Giving just $1 per paycheck can make a big difference in the course of a work year. And $1 per paycheck, taken before taxes, really only costs you 70 to 85 cents depending on your tax bracket. If you can manage $10 per paycheck your efforts will multiply tremendously.

Payroll donations are automatically deducted from your salary. Many companies are already setup for charitable donations to be taken out as part of their pay system. All donations are taken before tax deductions and you may be able to choose to participate weekly or monthly, depending on your pay system. You are free to stop or change the amount at any time. All it takes is one month’s notice to your payroll department.

Individuals: Ask your payroll department if a program is already in place and ask if a program can be set up if one isn't in place.

You will need our Federal Tax ID number: 77-0613344.

And Contact Information:

A Child's Desire
1735 1/2 Washington St.
Natchitoches, LA 71457

Business Leaders: Set up payroll giving at your business. Allow us to send you flyers announcing your new program and asking your employees to consider this very worthy cause.


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