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Your donations support adoption grants for hard to place orphans!

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If you are donating $100 or more and would like information on the child you help, please fill out the form below. We will send you information on your child, including a photo. We will also keep you posted on his or her adoption progress and let you know when the adoption is complete. Thank you for your help.

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Group Sponsorship

This sponsorship program is designed for student groups. This is a wonderful opportunity for youth ministry outreach programs, civic clubs, and University groups. If your group would like to sponsor a child as a semester project, let us know.

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We'll send you a photo and a biography of a waiting child and your group can do little fundraisers within your church, community or on campus to offer as adoption grants for your child. You can also do some adoption awareness programs within your community. We'll keep you updated on your child's development and adoption. Your group can really make a difference in the life of a child. For more information, send us an e-mail or give us a call. Grants@aChildsDesire.org

About Your Donations

Imagine seeing the glee in a young girl's eyes the first time she sees her new home. Not just any home, but one with parents to call her own. This is the vision of A Child's Desire, Inc. We offer adoption grants to children who are waiting to be chosen. There are millions of orphan's worldwide. Many loving families want to open their hearts and homes, but are unable to pay the high adoption costs.

A Child's Desire is 100% volunteer based. Therefore your donations go directly to adoption grants and not to staff salaries.

We strive to grant to those with most need. As a rule of thumb, we grant to children who have been waiting for over a year for a family to choose them. We like to offer adoption grants to older children or children with disabilities- those that are considered hard to place.

Let me paint a picture of a typical grant recipient: an eleven year old girl from Ethiopia. After her parents died, she was hired as a domestic servant (maid), before she came to an orphanage. She is shy when spoken to. She wants to be a pilot when she grows up. Her favorite foods are rice and beef stew. She is a healthy and bright child, with good physical condition. She misses her family and will be happy if she joins another family. This girl is lucky. A family chose her. This girl received a grant from A Child's Desire and will be coming home this summer.

Ethiopia is a poor country. The average life expectancy is a shocking 17.3 years. The average family income amounts to about $700. Imagine her future now. A family has chosen her. She will soon have a mother, a father, and a baby sibling. She'll receive an education and have a real chance at becoming a pilot. She'll have family support her entire life.

Those who age out of orphanages or foster care systems suffer for the rest of their lives."Aging out" is what happens when an orphan child turns 18 and is no longer up for adoption. Even in the US nearly 40 percent of foster children who never get adopted end up homeless. Adoption advocates say it's because they don't have the resources and support a family provides.

All children deserve to have homes and families. Our dream is to make that a reality.

Even if you can't make a donation, there are many ways you can still help. Renew magazine subscriptions below and 40% of your subscriptions will support adoption grants. Or click here to learn about our other popular affiliate programs.


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