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Your donations support adoption grants for hard to place orphans!

Dear Humanitarian,

sponsor a childElena's Eagerly Waiting for Her New Parents to Take Her Home.

And because of people like you, she now has a chance that 10 million children like her never have. Read more about it here

She has a chance to live her dream.

It's really a simple one. Elena doesn't ever ask for much.

She just wants someone to hold her tight when she's upset, kiss her scrapes when she falls, praise her with heartfelt applause when she does something great, and someone who will bathe her in love and tuck her in at night with a sweet bedtime story or make her toast.

She doesn.t need a fancy house or special toys . although she would love her very own baby doll. She just wants what every child deserves . loving parents.

Parents who can put an end to her nightmares.

Parents who can give her a safe life.A life away from the poverty and humiliation that so many orphans must face as adults.

Want to know the saddest part of all?

Elena's dream of new parents may never come true because people simply can't afford the cost of adoption. At over $20,000 per child, it.s no wonder so many men and woman who want to adopt-- never do.

What's worse?

Because she's an older child, many who do adopt will pass Elena up. Don't let Elena go through life as an orphan. Every child deserves a family.

Kind hearts can save Elena.

But because of people like YOU and A Child.s Desire, Elena still has a chance.

How can YOU help?

A Child.s Desire creates adoption grants that help older children and children with special needs live their dream.

No child should have to grow up impoverished and unwanted.

That.s where you come in. With a small donation of $25 or $50, you can take a dent out of the exorbitant costs of adoption. Think about how often you spend money on something that you didn't really need, imagine if you had put that money towards sweet Elena. You could have saved her life. If you can't afford $25, then donate $15, anything helps.

Additionally if you're in business and donate chef knives or more, you can earn ad space as a child sponsor. This relationship helps YOU, your business, a sweet orphan and our organization.

Everybody wins.

So don't wait another moment. Donate today and help her new parents bring her home.

Tanya Sturman

Want to know where 100% of your money goes? Here's a short list of the expenses A Child's Desire helps parents pay for during adoption:

  • Medical Costs
  • Home Study Fees
  • Visas and Immigration Paperwork
  • Agency and Legal Fees
  • Orphanage Donations


Even if you can't make a donation, there are many ways YOU can still help. Order or renew magazine subscriptions below and 40% of your subscriptions will support adoption grants. Or click here to learn about our other popular affiliate programs.


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